Independence, Thy Name is Spriggan


From facebook, 10/29/12

Ways in which having Spriggan is like having a human child, numbers… 10-11 or something:

She wants to be a BIG girl and do it herSELF.
Because she’s so small, it’s easy to want to just pick her up and move her away from things she shouldn’t be eating (or toward things she should), but the more I do it, the more I reinforce the idea that doing bad things within grabbing range of Mom is bad. So she picks up an incredibly sharp piece of pecan shell and runs under a bush to eat it instead of standing under my feet.

She wants to do everything her big sister does. She does not want to drink out of her cute LITTLE water bowl that I bought especially for her. She wants only to drink from Pixie’s bowl, which could easily be her swimming pool. If the water isn’t all the way up to the rim, she even has to put both paws on the edge and lean precariously into it to drink. She usually thinks of drinking when Pixie’s already drinking, at which point she runs up and tries to drink beside her, which Pixie increasingly allows without growling. Sometimes, she tries to drink from Pixie’s jowls instead of the bowl, which is as adorable as it is disgusting.


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