A Sprig of This, a Sprig of That

attacking bear

From facebook, 11/20/12:

First World Puppy Problems:
– I’m not allowed to chew on the furniture or the carpet but have to choose one of ten designer toys purchased especially for me.
– My auntie Pixie only lets me crawl on her for a stair step to the couch for about an hour before she gets sick of it and moves out of the way.
– My $12 harness, specially constructed for small, long dogs, and the only thing in the store that would fit me… kind of itches.

With Pinko

From facebook, 11/24/12:

I’ve decided that Spriggan’s full name is Aloueithia Wigglebottom. (That first name is pronounced “al-oo-WEE-thee-uh.”)

I said it out loud today all of a sudden and decided it fits quite well.


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