Fuzzy Love, Clear as Day


From facebook, 10/26/12

Ways in which having Spriggan is like having a human infant, numbers 2-8:

I have to sleep when she sleeps if I’m to get any sleep. This means waking up at 2-to-4-hour intervals to accommodate her bathroom needs. I also have to use her naptime to accomplish anything I need to do.

I’m learning to do many things one-handed.

I spend much of my time and energy figuring out how to be sure she’s got 24-hour supervision.

She puts everything she finds straight into her mouth.

I worry about her constantly:
– Did she just eat a lead-based-paint chip?!
– She just fell off the couch! Is she gonna break her back?
– Am I gonna roll over and suffocate her?
– Will she wake up if she can’t breathe while she’s nestled into that pillow?
– Is she eating enough? Is she eating too much?

It was not Pixie’s idea to have a younger sibling. While she will tolerate Spriggan in my presence, especially if tummy rubs are involved, she is not interested in being her mother or her babysitter. (She will, however, model good behavior if I ask nicely.)

Everyone wants to coo over her and asks how old she is.

I love her so much I think my head might explode.


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