Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie


From facebook, 11/26/12:

TL;DR: Spriggan was very sleepy today.

The long version: Apparently, she mostly slept at the shop, and she was asleep in her crate when I arrived. She doesn’t seem to care much for her crate, but if left un-held for long enough at the shop, she’ll go in there to sleep.

Per the puppy-care websites, I blocked off the back half of the crate so that she only has enough room to walk in, turn around, and lie down… but not enough room to pee in one end and sleep in the other. She, however, pulled the towels down from the box I’d used for this purpose and now climbs atop the box and sleeps up there. (Does she sleep on the super-mega-wondersoft blanket her loving grandmother got her? No.) She has NO headroom up there — I don’t know how she even gets up there, ’cause she’s sleeping sorta smooshed between the box and the top of the crate. But it’s incredibly cute, nevertheless; no pics yet, but hopefully it’ll happen again.

When we got home, she was finally convinced to play for a while, but after about half an hour, she wanted to sleep again. So I held her while she slept… for about 3 hours.

Around 11:30, I was worried that if she didn’t get up and
A) go outside
B) eat something
and C) play for a while
then she might
A) wake me up at 2 am for a potty break
B) starve to death before my very eyes
and C) wake me up at 2 am to hang out while she gnaws on things.
So I try to wake her up…

She keeps collapsing back on my chest, trying to hide in my robe, attempting to bury her face in my elbow, etc. Finally, I had to just take her outside and plop her down. She was a little bleary-eyed, but she figured it out.

Then she came back in and kept jumping up the couch to get Mike to hold her. Then she jumped on me. Then she sat and pouted. More jumping, and finally I squirted her with water (’cause the vet says it’s bad for her back to jump a lot), and she ran down the hall, pouted, then finally came back.

I eventually got her to eat a LITTLE food, and she immediately wanted to be held again, at which point she went directly to sleep without even passing the stage where she has to chew on something for a while.

Mike and I determined that he would take her to bed with him, since I still needed to do Pixie’s eyedrops. (This is a first. She’ll often ooze over into Daddyland while we’re sleeping, and he’ll awaken with her tucked in the crook of his arm or something, but I’m always the one who starts out with her.) Then Selkie came in and actually tolerated quite well Spriggan pawing at her eyes and licking her in the mouth. This excited Spriggan, so I wondered if Mike’d be able to get her to bed.

That was over 45 minutes ago now, and I haven’t heard anything, so I’m assuming she went right back to sleep.



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