Words, Words, Words

Well now, having posted all that I could handle from facebook, I had this sudden, terrified thought:  “What if I never write again?  What if I just copied a bunch of old stuff and now I have nothing left to say and my friends get bored and Monkey leaves me and I die alone in a gutter?”

No one ever accused me of being placid.

Now, obviously, I recognize the … I almost wrote “the hyperbole of the extrapolation,” but then I thought I’d look like I’m best friends with a thesaurus… so let’s say, I recognize how silly that thought process is, but here’s the thing:

I totally anticipated that a few of my facebook friends would read the blog occasionally, when the posts weren’t too long.  What I was totally unprepared for was the fact that strangers from WordPress are finding, liking, and following my blog 12 hours after it began.

Internet, you crazy.

I realized there are probably still a couple things I wanna pull over from facebook ’cause there’s no reason to re-explain them.  E.g., this post about how I use quotation marks and how I dangle participles if I damn well FEEL like it:

I’ve made a big decision.

I’ve decided that I’m going to use quotation marks in the more sensible, intuitive way that they apparently use in Britain.

I’m no longer going to be slave to commas and periods, ALWAYS getting to be INSIDE the quotes whether or not they deserve to be. If I’m quoting a sentence that ends in a period, that period will be inside the quotes, but if I’m ending a sentence with a fragment of a quote, the period will remain outside, where it MAKES SENSE.

“Take that”, I say to those clingy periods and commas. “You wait your turn.” They need to stop being “so melodramatic”.

I’m also relaxing my stance on dangling participles, for which I have held a torch these many years, despite the fact that the rule was just arbitrarily decided UPON. And isn’t really even a rule. More of a suggestion.


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