Spriggan Rides the Benadryl Train


This photo is actually after her first allergic reaction to vaccines.  I’d take a new one of her current state, but she’s curled up in the crook of Daddy’s arm, and my cranky iPhone won’t take photos that aren’t lit to her exacting specifications.  Because she’s a big, fat jerk.  (You’ll find I personify and anthropomorphize many, many things.)

I didn’t post anything about our huge allergy saga over Christmas, because I kinda think that what might’ve been interesting while it was happening will not be interesting to read in an archived format.  Suffice to say that I am not a fan of Certifect/amitraz and that it tried to destroy my puppy.  Actually, SUFFICE to say (if we’re really sufficing here), that if Certifect were a human, I would rip out/off its genitalia and hurl them over a mountain.  I do not take threats to my puppy lightly.

Anyway, this is not that, but we’re once again going through allergic reaction time.  She got her rabies shot yesterday.  Our vet wisely split it out from her other puppy vaccines (distemper, et al), in case something happened like… well, this.

Yesterday, she was fine… a little sleepy and a little clingy, as she always is after a vet visit, but basically herself.

Today, she was herself, with the addition of hundreds of welts.  It started with her lower eyelid swelling and little tiny bumps on her back.  I administered Benadryl pretty much immediately, and the eyelid went down!  But it apparently just moved to her lip… and the welts on her back found some friends, who invited other friends, and within three hours, I had more welt than puppy.

She didn’t seem to be terribly bothered by them, except that she was obviously itchy.  She seemed to be breathing fine, and her tongue wasn’t swollen or anything, so I didn’t panic.  I called the vet, who told us to just keep on with the Benadryl.

Poor puppy.

The weird thing — well, no, A weird thing is that the welts will pop up and multiply and look terrible right after she’s been running around, and they’ll die down as she sleeps.  My brilliant hypothesis is that exertion pushes more of the offending substance out of the muscle tissue and into the bloodstream, and as her heart’s beating faster, the toxin is circulated more readily.  So she reacts more as she’s more exposed.  Yes, this is totally how biology works.  No I didn’t make it up.  (I totally made it up.)

A second weird thing is that I tend to react in unison with her reactions.  Ever since the Certifect incident — *shakes fist at the heavens* — I have been allergic to my dog. Prior to that?  No problems; I could sleep with my nose buried in her fur, and?  Nothing.  After, though, I break out in welts of my own all over my forearms, chest, neck, and jawline.

But here’s the thing… it happens a little bit occasionally — like a little itchiness or a few welts — but when she’s having her allergic reactions, I’m having them too.  I woke up from a nap with her this afternoon COVERED in welts and itching like the Dickens.  (Charles was a really itchy fellow.  A Christmas Carol is actually all about eczema.)

I could kinda understand the potential for my reaction during the Certifect — *KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!* — incident, ’cause it was a topical product, and I thought I might just be reacting to some residual left on her skin.  But this was a vaccine.

Maybe it’s ’cause she’s snugglier (totally a word, shut up Spellcheck) when she’s not feeling well… or maybe… well I have no idea how this could happen.  Sympathy welts?  But there’s a definite correlation between her allergies and mine.

And I hate it.

And even though she doesn’t seem to be suffering per se, I am very annoyed at my powerlessness to control her skin sensitivity issues.

THIS is one of several reasons I would never buy a purebred dog.  They’re just too damned sensitive, and even a free one will cost a fortune in vet bills.

Also a fortune in love, ’cause she is the heart of my hearts and I wonder now how I ever lived without her.


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