The Rich Advantage of Good Exercise

Remember Selkie?

She's not.

She likes to lull you into believing she’s easygoing.


You may remember we’d had a little glimmer of hope that she would really fall in love with Spriggan.  But then, for three nights in a row, when I let her in and tried to get her to play with Spriggan, she turned cranky and snarly and generally made me think that first time was a brief miracle.

But it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasn’t.  Last night, I was holding Spriggan in my arms when Selkie came inside, my thought being that if I put her on the ground, Selkie might eat her.

But Selkie runs to Mike, then back to me, looking at Spriggan in my arms.  And she does a little play-bow.  And she barks.  And she runs away a couple steps and does it again.

“Do you… do you want to play with Spriggan, Selkie?”

She does it again.  I carefully lower Spriggan (who is trying her best to fly out of my arms) to the ground.  Spriggan takes off after Selkie, and Selkie positively bounds off into the kitchen, the living room, the kitchen, the living room.  She’s keeping a steady pace, just fast enough to stay barely ahead of Spriggan, but not too much more than a jog for herself.

They run in circles for about… probably… 50 laps.  No kidding.

A few times, she tries to stop and get water, but Spriggan runs into her, so she runs off again.  Finally, she starts speeding up to a full run, outpacing Spriggan and allowing herself a moment to get a drink.  Finally, Spriggan starts really slowing down.  Then, while Selkie runs through the kitchen, Spriggan collapses onto her belly to wait for her to pass instead of following her.  Then she chases her just to the kitchen door and walks back to her collapsing spot.  At first, it looked like she was going for an ambush, but it turned out to be that she was just winded.

Selkie keeps playing, trying to get Spriggan to run with her, for about 15 more laps.  Eventually, they both go for a drink, and Selkie hangs out next to Mike for a bit while Spriggan tries to lick her in the face.  But Spriggan isn’t running anywhere anymore.  Just… barely walking until she falls down until something excites her and she jumps up until she collapses again.

Finally, we put Selkie to bed, and I pick up Spriggan to put her leash on her for a final potty break.  She’s just limp in my arms.  I’m so amused by this that I hand her to Daddy.  We both chuckle over how tired she is.  See, normally, she holds herself up when she’s being held, but at this point, she’s just given up on all that.

After her potty break, we come back in, and I give her back to Daddy, where she immediately falls asleep.  Immediately.  He’s still standing up and everything.

When I put her in her bed (on our bed), she falls immediately asleep facing the wrong direction.  I spun her around, and she falls immediately asleep there, too.  I think, “Good.  Maybe she’ll finally let me sleep 8 hours tonight!”

She slept TEN HOURS.  We had a potty break at 8 AM, after which she went back to sleep and slept until 1 PM.  This is totally unheard of.

This morning, after 2 hours of playing, she slept an additional 4 hours before waking up again.

And I made a decision.  Selkie is now Spriggan’s personal trainer.  And she should get a MEDAL for it.

Selkie with Medal


Or a trophy.

Selkie with Trophy

I fell asleep last night thinking about how wonderful Selkie is, a thought which has never persisted so long in my mind.


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