Encompass’d ‘Round with Dogs

The only problem with Selkie being Spriggan’s personal trainer is that now they’re getting used to each other.  There’s a lot less running about and a lot more lying around now.  I did finally get a few pictures of them together…


Selkie and Spriggan

I just kept taking shots, hoping Spriggan would stop licking her chops.  (I don’t know why she was doing it in the first place.)


Selkie Blinking and Spriggan


But then Selkie blinked.

I have NEVER seen a dog blink in a photograph, although it makes perfect sense that that would happen.  But I’d never seen it until today…


Selkie and Spriggan blinking


… when I saw it twice.  Darnit, Sprig.


Selkie and Spriggan Portrait


I finally got a relatively good one.  Or, as good as it gets with an iPhone.

I was glad I did, ’cause they both got up immediately afterward.


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