A Lurking Adder

Last night, my dreams were back to disturbing.  WARNING:  Don’t read this if violence toward reptiles really bothers you.  Seriously; I’m not being glib.  I don’t perpetrate it, but I witness it.  (Some people can say, ‘Oh, well, it’s a dream, so, I can handle it.’  I would not be one of those people, so I’m giving you fair warning.)  You can also just skip past the paragraph between the warnings.

I was in some kind of a shop.  You’d think it’d be a pet shop, but it was closer to a magic shop.  There were sumptuous fabrics in deep crimsons and purples, incense burning somewhere, those chimes that just clink every once in a while .  I guess that’s less magic shop and more noble Persian tent — I’ve been reading and listening to lectures about Alexander the Great in preparation for a class — but anyway, it was a beautiful environment.

I’m not sure why I was there.  It seemed like I had some stake in the place — like I part-owned it or was visiting a friend who owned it.  In either case, I was lounging on the floor on a big puffy pillow, talking to a couple of people standing at the counter, when a guy walked in.

I don’t remember what he looked like, but I remember I immediately disliked him.  This stands to reason, as he was holding… a snake.  I hesitate to call it a snake, because it had HAD legs… but it still had venom and fangs and a really long snaky body.  I knew it was a snake’s head because he was holding it just behind the head, like you do with snakes who are trying to bite you, and it kept sticking its fangs out (I think he even milked it at one point to show us it was still venomous).  And I knew it had had legs because


there were shredded sockets where the front legs would’ve been.  The guy, as I deduced and as he then told us, had ripped off (not amputated, but torn off) the creature’s front legs because he didn’t want to get scratched.  Apparently, it had poisonous claws, too.  The sockets turned into nice, clean little stumps of legs later in the dream, but when he first came in, they were horrifying.  Also, I think at first, its back legs were still intact, but later I discovered that they were missing the feet; they were intact to the ankle but were harmless stumps there.


So the guy puts this creature in this TINY fish tank.  Like, it can swim from one side to the other in about a stroke, ’cause its body is as long as the tank.

And the guy starts telling us about how he caught it and what he did to it.  He’s really proud of it, like he’s some super-hunter, and I was just totally disgusted by him.  He even called it a copperhead or something at one point, and someone (I think me, actually) remarked on how it was a desert-dwelling snake (true in the dream) and that it was cruel to put it in water where it had to swim constantly… especially since it was missing its legs.

The guy acted like the creature was evil, not just dangerous.  He acted like he was righting a wrong, ridding the world of some cruel villain.  I looked at the creature again.

It was smaller now, and its head was no longer that of a snake but rather of a dragon.  It had the long, thin snout and horned protrusions along the sides of its nose and jaws and over its eyes and head.  And there was intelligence in the eyes.  Its scales were a golden yellow, but they struck me as greenish as it moved through the water.

Quite a lot like this, actually. Minus the legs.


Or this. Did you KNOW that Google can search images? I can just drag an image I like up to the search bar, and it will find “visually similar” images?!!? Did everyone know this but me? It’s changing my life.


Finally, the guy left, and I kept observing the creature.  It had clearly been sad and afraid when the guy was there, but now, it was practically grinning and seemed very excited and happy to be swimming to and fro.  Like it missed the water.  I still felt terrible that its legs were missing, but I felt better knowing that it would have a better home here, away from that evil torturer.

So, the dream ended on kind of a happy note.  Kind of.


Then, I dreamt I was trying, unsuccessfully, to find healthy vegetarian food at a Subway restaurant, and they had hummus that was disgusting and vegetable lasagna that actually wasn’t that bad.

Like… REALLY bad hummus. I asked for a “taste” and I had to spit it out. Like most Subway food. 😉


As sort of an addendum to the Subway dream, I dreamt I was in a wheelchair and trying to navigate a HUGE city in which much of the travel was done via translucent plastic ramps that started at ground level and went all the way up to and around the tops of buildings.  I got to the top of one building, and I was determining how I would not die traveling DOWN the ramp (at what would no doubt turn into breakneck speeds), when a businesswoman there told me I really ought to use the elevator instead.

Or Vegas.

Like if these tubes were ramps. And multi-beautiful-colored. And in a city more like Tokyo and less like New New York.


And then I woke up to Spriggan crawling onto her daddy’s tummy, curling up into a ball, and falling asleep there.

Like this, only in bed.  And on his tummy.  And she's 5 months old instead of 5 weeks old.  But definitely just as cute as this.

Like this, only in bed. And on his tummy. And she’s sleeping too. And she’s 5 months old instead of 5 weeks old. So, maybe not very much like this at all, but definitely just as cute as this.


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