The Tiger Would Be Tame

I actually dreamt about a tiger last night, which I rather like.  The girl who was my best friend in middle school had just bought a teenage tiger, and I was showing her how to take care of it and train it.

‘Cause, y’know, I know how to train tigers.

Honestly, it was a little bit scary, ’cause I kept thinking, “This thing might just decide to eat me instead of going on a nice walk.”  But it didn’t, and I walked it all around the dark parking lot of the mall we were outside.  Okay, that part was a little creepy too, especially since there were these guys there who looked like NPC’s from Borderlands or rejects from punk videos.

Like this, only I’m not an adorable bulldog, and the tiger was a lot bigger.



Then I dreamt that I was listening to Yoda expound his philosophy that people are of two minds:  one a concrete, worldly mind and one a spiritual, belief-based mind.  He was illustrating his points with little icons that appeared on my forearm.  He was also saying that if one blocks one of these icons, with handcuffs or rope for example, that part of the mind won’t function properly.


I think this might be a bizarre combination of an episode of Supernatural in which tattoos appeared on folks’ forearms, an NPR story about L. Ron Hubbard in which the guest was discussing dianetics, and my wondering before bed if a cop would notice if someone were to shove his arm down into the cuffs as she put them on in order that the cuffs would be locked too big and the perp could slip his hand out of them easily.  And… any number of memes about Yoda.


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