I Have Lost My Teeth in Your Service

Over the last two days, Spriggan has lost THREE big ol’ molars… that we know of.

Two nights ago, I noticed her gnawing on something, and when I took it away from her?  Big ol’ tooth.  With the root still inside.

Typically, dogs swallow their teeth when they lose them, and boy was she trying!  But I told her it was too big for her to swallow.

Less than ten minutes later, I’m walking by the same spot, and I spy something white on the ground.  I pick it up?  Another molar.  (Maybe premolar — what do I know from teeth?)

Then Mike tells me she was mouthing yet another lost tooth today!

No wonder she doesn’t eat that much — she’s got no damn teeth, poor thing!  Mike says she was whining while chewing the other day.  That almost made me cry.

Really, though, she doesn’t seem too much affected by the teething process.  The vet said that we might attribute her recent terrible breath to it, but he said they usually cut teeth pretty easily and without too much pain.


When we took a nap this evening, she slept with her head on my chin, and kept making little lip-smacking noises in her sleep.  It was super-warm and mega-soft and terribly cute.





One thought on “I Have Lost My Teeth in Your Service

  1. I have 12 of Tuckers baby teetj, never seen anything like it. It seemed like everyday for 2 weeks he’d be trying to spit something out to inspect it prior to gobbling it right back up. Never seen anything like it!

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