The Hot Scent-Snuffing Hounds

Earlier today, Spriggan was sleeping on my lap on the couch, and she decided that she was fed up with my juggling my laptop around her, so she struck out for new territory.

She wound up on some pillows on one end of the sofa:

As seen earlier today.

As seen earlier today.

When I got home tonight, she played for a while and then whined to be picked up.  I acquiesced, but she didn’t want to be in my lap.  Instead, she wandered back to the pillows and went right to sleep.

It wasn’t until I decided to take a photo that I realized why they were so appealing.  (I had assumed it was ’cause they’re just soft.)

Sleeping on Mike's RobeShe likes that spot because it smells like her Daddy:  That’s his robe she’s sleeping on.



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