Trail of Bread Crumbs


This super-cutie is named Hansel, and no, he’s not mine, unfortunately.  My mom took this photo while puppysitting him for her friend who’s fostering him.

He’s a terrier-dachshund mix about 3 months old, and I WAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS him.  But four dogs is about two dogs too many for me.

Still, receiving this picture, coupled with the fact that Spriggan has done nothing today but bark and sleep, a fact I attribute to her being bored.  I feel like she’d get more exercise and get into less mischief if there were another puppy occupying her time.  Sadly, I can neither afford the time nor the vet bills for another puppy, especially another dachshund.

But wook at his wittle faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!


One thought on “Trail of Bread Crumbs

  1. I know what you mean about vet bills. When our cat was on its last leg two years ago, our bills went through the roof. We didn’t know what to do until we came to the realization she wasn’t well anymore. She was eighteen-years-old. Anyway, this post reminded me of her and wanted to share 🙂

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