As Swift in Motion as a Ball

Spriggan hasn’t totally gotten the whole ‘fetch’ thing down just yet.  A couple weeks ago, she kept trying to take her inside toys outside with her, so I brought out a Spriggan-sized tennis ball and thought I’d see how she’d do at retrieving.  A story, in pictures:

Um, hmm… there appears to be a ball in my grass…

Babysitting Ball


Pixie, what do you think?

Pixie Giant

“I think I look like an Imperial Walker in this photo. Don’t post that.”


I’m just gonna sit here and think about this for a moment.



Maybe a little taste test?

Biting Ball


Ahahahahah!   This is FUN to bite!

Chewing Ball


Oh, hang on, Mom wants a photo.  Pose with me, Pixie!

Posing with Ball

The tables have turned! Now it’s the game “Spot the Pixie!”


This whole ‘fetch’ thing isn’t terribly exciting, Mom.

Interested in Grass


Not really exciting at all, no.

Ignoring Ball


So, I suppose the moral is that dogs who were bred to chase out and kill things underground are not necessarily the most genetically predisposed to bring things BACK to their owners.  She had fun running after it for a while, though.



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