Bid Time Return

I was just looking back through Spriggan pictures.  There are some wonderful things about her growing older:

  1. She can go out every 6-10 hours instead of every 2 hours.
  2. She has learned to mouth and tug on hands instead of biting them, and her teeth are no longer needles.
  3. She sleeps through the night, for the most part, and can even be persuaded to return to bed after a disruption.
  4. She’s learning all sorts of words:  Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Off, On Your Bed, Heel, Let’s Go, Leave It, Drop It, Take It, Scent It, Find It, Show Me, Water, Thirsty, Hungry, Eat, Food, Dinner, Pixie, Selkie, Daddy, Sisters, Bed, Sleepy, Go to Sleep, Settle… the list goes on, and it grows regularly.
  5. She neither has accidents in nor destroys items in the house.  (*knocks on wood*)

So, I acknowledge that growing older has its advantages.  But when I see it in pictures… Well, lemme show you.  These are a couple of ‘portrait’ shots I took to submit to Home Again, her microchip service:

Portrait 1 Portrait 2 Profile


And some recent shots when she was so exhausted after training class that she just collapsed in the grass outside PetSmart: On Leash in Grass 3 On Leash in Grass 5




And THESE are some shots from when she was but a wee bairn:

The sweater is made from a sock!

In sweater profile Sleeping Vigilant



Now, don’t get me wrong, here.  She’s still adorable.  Absolutely adorable.  And she’s the light of my life and the heart of my hearts and the brightest joy in my world.  But… as a mommy… I just can’t look at those young photos and not go, “ERRRRGH!!  Why couldn’t she have just frozen like that!  That tiny snout!  Those even dwarfier legs!  The wittle wrinkles!  The even more disproportionate ears!”


Still, when she falls asleep on me, it’s tough not to just be in that moment with her.  ‘Cause she’s still pretty darn cute:

Head in Elbow


Even when– no, ESPECIALLY when she’s so happy to be sleeping on me that she doesn’t even bother to fix her lip:

Lip on My Leg


So, I reckon I’ll keep ‘er.  😉


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