Of Sweet and Bitter Fancy

The past couple of days have been a bit roller-coaster-y in the fortune department.  I’m’a try to remember the happenings, in approximate order of occurrence:

  1. Woke up sick.  I was only feeling well for about a week since I was sick the last time.  I didn’t rush off to the doctor this time, having resigned myself to my fate as a plague victim.
  2. Took Pixie to the ophthalmologist, a little nervous, as I’d run out of one of her FIVE daily eyedrops three days prior.  (I couldn’t call in a refill over the weekend, and they take 24 hours to refill, so there was nothing I could do, short of having a time machine.)
  3. Found out that Pixie’s bad eye is “no longer doing anything except probably giving her a migraine all the time” due to the glaucoma having produced too much pressure in the eye and damaged the optic nerve.  Or something.  
  4. Felt very guilty about having run out of eyedrops and assumed it was my fault.
  5. Asked the tech if it was my fault.
  6. Was assured that “No, glaucoma always wins in the end.  The only way this doesn’t happen is if the animal passes away from something else first.  This is just the progression.”
  7. Felt better.
  8. Was told that Pixie would require surgery and was given three options, with the caveat that they would all be exactly the same to Pixie, in terms of vision and pain/discomfort.  But one costs $600 and one costs $1300… for a purely cosmetic difference.  I opted for the one that was the least expensive, required the least time under anesthetic, and had the shortest recovery time.  The downside?  “Cosmetic unpredictability.  Her eye may shrink slightly in size, or it may shrivel up like a raisin.”
  9. Began to plan my nightmares about Pixie’s raisin-eye.
  10. Scheduled Pixie’s surgery for Thursday.
  11. Finally read my contract about a summer teaching position to discover that I’m getting a reasonably substantial raise this year.
  12. Made a super-delicious open-faced sandwich thing with apple, cheddar, and mustard, toasted to perfection.
  13. Had to leave a very clingy Spriggan at home to go to rehearsal.
  14. Felt separation anxiety.
  15. Watched a lovely rehearsal for a play I’ll be crewing.
  16. Played video games with my husband until much-too-late-o’clock and enjoyed it immensely.
  17. Dropped Pixie off at the regular vet for her annual checkup / vaccines / bloodwork.
  18. Spent over three hours on the phone and online chat with Dell about YET ANOTHER order they’d screwed up.
  19. Left a very clingy Spriggan at home to go watch some friends perform a short sketch they’d developed.
  20. Felt separation anxiety.
  21. Watched a beautiful, warmhearted performance.
  22. Met the director of a local Shakespeare company that I’d been meaning to contact and discovered that he’s very personable and enthusiastic and wants to take me on a tour of their facility and have coffee with a couple mutual actor-friends.
  23. Felt very lucky.
  24. Had a joyful dinner with my two actor-friends, whom I never see enough and whom I love dearly.
  25. Came home and let Spriggan play in the yard.
  26. Stepped outside fence to get mail.
  27. Noted a reddish blur as Spriggan shot past me out of the fence.
  28. Felt a sense of rising panic, loosely controlled by the motherly instinct to KEEP IT TOGETHER RIGHT NOW.
  29. Snuck up on Spriggan as she put something in her mouth.
  30. Realized the ‘something’ was a discarded barbecue rib fragment that she’d been trying to dig under the fence to get to a couple days ago and that I’d therefore moved, with a stick, far away from the fence.
  31. Snatched her up, telling her to “DROP IT!”
  32. Shoved my fingers in her mouth to retrieve it, as she deftly moved it back in her throat into prime choking position.
  34. Retrieved the fragment.
  35. Avoided throwing up.
  36. Took Spriggan back into the fence.
  37. Washed hands.
  38. Washed hands.
  39. Washed hands.
  40. Settled in to blog.

So, there’s been some good stuff and some less-good stuff.  Nothing tragic.  Just a very… life-y couple of days, I reckon.


One thought on “Of Sweet and Bitter Fancy

  1. I like that the post is tagged under “glaucoma.” Because if I ever need to know anything about glaucoma, I’m headed to your blog first.

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