And Here I’ll Fling the Pillow, There The Bolster

These pictures aren’t gonna be very good, taken in low light with the iPhuckUp, as they were.  However, hopefully you can slightly distinguish red dog from black robe from multicolored pillow.


Pillow Fort 1


That would be Spriggan in the process of settling into her newly-constructed pillow fort.

Now, you may think by the way I wrote the sentence that constructed the fort.  Not so.


Pillow Fort 2


She decided that my lap was overrated, having spent virtually all day there, and went to commandeer the spot vacated by her Daddy, who has to wake up much earlier than Mommy.  He’d left his robe there, removed much in the way one imagines it would be had he been raptured, splayed open and a perfect little nest for a perfect little dachshund.

I. Have. No. Idea. how she got the pillow to stand up that way.


When I looked back at her, making her bed, that part was finished, and she was just tugging the robe around with her teeth.  Yes.  With her teeth.  Like she’s tucking herself in.

So I tried to take many pictures, but the Camera app on the iPhone laughed in my face, and I got three — after waiting about 15 minutes for it to decide whether or not it was going to actually process them.


Pillow Fort 3


If I wouldn’t miss her so desperately as part of my own sleeping arrangement, I’d leave her here.



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