Update on Spriggan

I couldn’t decide whether to do a comment, or an update edit in the previous post, or a new post to share this information.  Obviously, I could decide, actually, and I did.

Spriggan hopped off the Benadryl train last night at Lessitch Junction.  This morning, she’s VERY energetic and playful, and she doesn’t seem to be having any problems with welts.

She’s also a good deal less itchy, as was evidenced by her ability to return to bed after her potty break with LESS than half an hour of licking herself — and me, and the pillow, and her bed — which is the norm lately.

As she was settling back in this morning, I suddenly had a thought about why my itchiness coincides with hers:  it’s her saliva!

When she’s itchy like that, she grooms herself a lot more, licking herself all over.  She’s also more prone to licking me on the cheeks and chin, ’cause she’s snuggling up closer to my face. So then, as I’m handling her, I’m getting covered in her saliva, and that’s what’s causing the reaction.

There’s definitely precedent for this.  I’m allergic to Pixie’s spit as well, and when I developed my allergy to rats, it was to their saliva and claws.

I’ll just bet that’s it.  Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.  (The other half is tanks, but I’m gonna stop at knowing in this particular situation.)