To Make My Small Elves Coats

It’s been far, far too long since I’ve posted about Spriggan.

This is NOT for lack of adorable pictures, videos, or behavior.  In fact, it’s more due to an overabundance, making the task of choosing seem insurmountable.

I’ve finally resolved, however, to just post some of the more recent ones to get myself started, and then maybe I can plough through the rest at some point.

First, Spriggan in one of her two new coats:

That’s a piece of an umbrella at the top there. The pose is what Spriggan does when she’s using her adorable wiles to get us to let her out.

“Got stuff to do.”

This coat is from, and it utterly amazed me.  I’ve never been able to find a coat that fits my small-but-barrel-chested, short-but-long little dachshund, and this one fits as if it were tailor-made for her.  (It’s a size 12 Stretch Fleece, if you need one for your mini dachs.)

The other coat is from the same folks, a Duluth Double Fleece Pullover.  It’s a little warmer still, so she’s wearing it today on a blustery, chilly day.

Post-meal sleepiness. I don’t think she appreciated my camera flash.

And now, a coat in action!