Very Grievous Sick

I said in the knee post that the doctor “sent me on my way”.  Well, that’s not quite right.  First, she had a nurse perform a strep test, because

Drum roll, please.

I’m sick again.


“But Heidi”, the more astute readers proclaim, “weren’t you just sick… for two-and-a-half weeks?  Didn’t you just go through the runny nose and sore throat and clogged sinuses and stuffed-up ear?”

Yes.  Yes I did.

But you see, dear readers, what we have here is the Jason Voorhees of the virus set.


Oh my god… *epiphany* … it just hit me.  My KNEE is WHY I’m sick!!!!!!

In horror movies, the girl running from the killer always twists her ankle and falls down and that’s why even though she was running and he was just walking slowly, inexorably forward, the killer catches her!  I’m a horror movie trope!  This virus chopped me to tiny bits because I twisted my knee!


Anyway, the scratchy throat and runny nose hit this morning, and the doctor said the throat was what “impressed [her] most” ’cause of the redness and the fact that strep is going around, so we did the test, which came back negative.

This is my happy face.

She also said that since I wasn’t having fever or aches, it was probably just a cold, not the flu.  Of course, the remedies are rest and time and decongestants.


However, this evening, I’m feeling kinda warm and achy, so I’m hoping that’s just… something… else.


I haven’t yet decided if being sick is good or bad for my weight loss.  On the one hand, I don’t really want to get up and go to the kitchen and fix food… and my appetite is a little suppressed.  On the other hand, it’s much more difficult to resist eating nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches, one of my go-to comfort foods.  Also a cold without ginger ale should be against the Geneva Conventions, but I’m not interested in a bunch of high-fructose corn syrup or the empty calories.  (Diet soda is right out, as I won’t even dignify aspartame with a dismissive glance.)

Also also, I can’t exercise.  (Hah!  Like I would anyway.)

The nothin’-but-fruit strawberry popsicle I ate, however, was about 400 times better than usual.