Catch a Tiger by the Tail

The sweater is made from a sock!

This is how this whole blogging thing started. Also how my heart “grew three sizes that day”.

Welp.  Here we are.  I’ve gone and started a blog.  In the interest of using some of the formatting buttons so kindly provided, I’ll list why I started a blog in carefully bulleted form:

  • Paul told me to.  (I find he is often right about things that have to do with my creative expression.)
  • My facebook posts were getting ridiculous.  Ridiculous.  Like, not-so-short-story-length ridiculous.  That’s no way to treat your friends.
  • I primarily want to write this stuff down so that I don’t forget it, and facebook is a terrible place to do that, as there’s no searchability… or tagging… or really any way to revisit the thoughts.
  • To accomplish the aforementioned archiving, I COULD write a journal or something… but without some glimpse of an audience, I just don’t feel motivated to write it down for myself.  My future self is not enough of a consideration.

So… why all this “tiger” business?  It’s a nickname I chose (yes, I admit that makes it less nicknamey) to put in the program for one of the first plays I was in at college.  I got there by way of being a Leo but deciding that “Heidi ‘The Lion'” sounded too much like “Heidi, the lyin'” and went with another big cat.  I also liked it ’cause of the assonance — the long “i” sound in my names.  It’s less of a nickname and more of an ineffective pseudonym, I suppose — ineffective, in that it contains my actual name and in that I’m the only one who uses it.

What will you find here?

I’m not sure yet, but very likely…

  • pictures of my dogs
  • adventures in puppyraising
  • theatre-ish stuff
  • sociopolitical indignation of some kind
  • my weirdo dreams
  • philosophical/pedagogical musings, to the extent that I have them
  • other stuff too, probably

I’m gonna try to copy/paste a bunch of the Spriggan stuff here, ’cause my whole reason for writing it down was remembering it.  So if there are 50 posts today, it’s not because I’m a prolific writer (although I AM longwinded).

Welcome to the circus.