Foot-in-Mouth Disease


From facebook, 10/26/12:

Ways in which having Spriggan is like having a human infant, number 1 in a series:
She enjoys having her toes nibbled.

As we were driving home, she was cuddled up near my chin, alternately chewing on my shirt and kissing me in the face. (We exchange kisses, me kissing her on the cheek, she licking me on the chin.) This is probably my cute-induced delusion, but I could swear she figured out a way to make her lips make a smacking sound in imitation of mine: she pushes her nose against my face, and when her lips part, they smack. It must sound and feel to her the same way my kissing her on her head does. And/or I’ve gone insane.

Anyway, at one point, she puts her paw up to my lips, and I told her, “If you stick your foot in my mouth, I’m gonna eat your toes!” She does it again, obviously trying to open my mouth, so I clamped down on her toes.

Rather than pulling away, she just looked at me, her paw in my mouth. I moved up and encased her whole foot. Nothing. Up to the ankle. I get a kiss on the cheek. All the way to the shoulder? She’s perfectly still.

Eventually, I realized what a lunatic I am and let go of her. She licks the seatbelt a couple times, then kisses me again, then sticks her foot right in my mouth. She kept trying to get me to do it again, the little weirdo.

… Although I suppose the fact that I accommodated her makes me even weirder.